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Many of us are born with an altruistic drive: we want to help others. Some of us develop that motivation through life experiences, particularly those that are traumatic. Often, the desire to assist and uplift others evolves from events in which others provided much needed assistance during the darkest hours.

I came in to the world differently than most. My parents often commented that I would sit in my crib, "communing with the angels" and laughing with glee as the sunlight danced on dust particles. It became clear early on that my connection to the world extended far beyond the material plane and seemed to fuel me. Eventually, I studied and trained in the areas of Clairvoyance and Intuition, honing my gifts so that they would be more useful to others. Eventually, I worked as a Medical Intuitive, then as a Transformational Psychologist.

But, beyond the motivation of my ethereal core to connect and restore others, that drive also developed from very painful human experiences. At my birth, my mother suffered medical complications and her family was told that she was not likely to live. I could have been motherless, but instead, my nana stepped in and took the role of my "other mother" until my mother recovered sufficiently to care for me. In my teens, when I was disenfranchised and could easily have been lost to addiction, my academic dean stepped in and encouraged me to apply for a position at the Jet Propulsion Lab (NASA). Inside the "Little City" was a team that surrounded and praised me for work well beyond my years. Less than five years later, after a near-deadly car accident, not only did the owners of the other vehicle not become contentious or enraged but contacted my family and cared for me until they arrived. In graduate school, after a back injury that left me temporarily paralyzed then made me comatose after an allergic reaction to medication, I could have slipped away. Instead, my best friend visited me daily, reading and speaking to me, knowing that below the surface, I was listening. Years later, following placental abruption, my heart stopped as my twins were delivered. Without the aid of an incredible medical team, all three of us would have died.

In each of those experiences, others stepped forward to embrace me, to uplift me, to guide and direct me. Each of those "angels" changed my life forever.

Healing Heart Center Foundation was developed as a love child. It is a vehicle through which I can give back for everything I received. It is an opportunity for others to experience the gracious charity, nurture and connection that I was able to sample. With the assistance of our donors, those in need can receive the kind of education, intervention, empowerment and evolution that can alter the path of their lives.

We are all one community. We are all connected. We are all responsible for one another.