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How often have you worked late, despite plans you’d made for exercise, social time, or dinner plans?  In our quest to safeguard our jobs, ensure our positions, or maintain our relationships, we often forego our own needs and desires.  While these kinds of sacrifices are occasionally required, making a habit of it leads to emotional distress and dis-ease.

Therapy and other forms of self-work can help you to maintain emotional balance, manage stress, and improve time-management and tasking skills.

Maintaining Balance

  • Achieve integration of mind, body and spirit
  • Learn how to balance all of your needs and desires
  • Discover ways to strike a balance between your needs and desires and the needs and desires that others may have

Stress Management

  • Identify stressors and remove or limit them when possible
  • Recognize the impacts that stress has on your body, mind, and function
  • Eliminate negative self-talk and beliefs that maintain stress
  • Create positive, healthy self-talk to reduce your experience of stress
  • Identify activities that lessen or resolve your stress
  • Learn and utilize stress management techniques and relaxation strategies

Time Management & Multi-tasking

  • Prioritize your daily activities
  • Schedule breaks for food, exercise, and social interaction
  • Schedule activities that may otherwise distract your from achieving your goals (email, phone calls, text messages)
  • Multi-task only when you are skilled at this!