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For those who are seeking personal transformation within emotional, psychological, or physical realms, guidance is available from the clinicians at The Healing Heart.

For those seeking more traditional talk therapy, we offer psychotherapy for adolescents and adults in the form of individual, family, couples and group counseling.
Coaching & Consultation
If you’re looking for a more didactic or goal-oriented approach, we offer coaching and consultation. Sometimes, just being accountable to another person can assist you to FORGE AHEAD!
Career Assessment & Planning
If life has provided you with an unforeseen career transition, or you just need a little assistance to discover your hidden talents, we provide Career Assessment and Planning services.  Whether you are entering the World of Work for the first time, or ready to start another phase of your career, our clinicians and coaches are trained to make that transition a smooth one!
Stress Management
Stress is one of the most influential factors in personal and corporate success.  Basic stress management skills liberate the individual to perform optimally and achieve desired goals. When you lack adequate stress management skills, you are vulnerable to disquieting thoughts, disturbing beliefs, relational conflict and even impaired immune function
Disease Prevention & Recovery
Physical pain and illness often reflect the body’s efforts to alert the individual to uncomfortable or challenging personal situations.  Through strategies tailored to meet your unique needs, you will learn to better understand and communicate with your body, in order to prevent or resolve pain and illness.
Public Speaking
Whether your organization would like to provide a corporate in-service or a lunch-time lecture, we would be happy to provide you with a speaker.  We can provide speakers for a wide variety of topics, and we’ll be happy to refer you to other Speaker’s Bureaus if we are unable to meet your needs.

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