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Message from the Masters, November 20, 2014

Meg Blackburn Losey, Ph.D.

Greetings to each of you!

The energies coming to us the past few months and currently have been, to say the least, intense. We had a brutal Mercury Retrograde with eclipses of the sun and moon, solar flares, and trans dimensional oddities.

All of these things have us in an energetic set up that can do a variety of things within and around us. This is because the energies are coming in new and different patterns. Waves, sheets, mixed harmonics that we aren't accustomed to. Because of that you may be feeling like:

  • You can't remember things or find the words you want to use
  • Your sleep patterns are changed. Either you can't get enough sleep or you are barely sleeping at all.
  • You and or those around you are experiencing bouts of rage. Many people have been seriously hard to deal with. Unreasonable in fact.
  • Life directions for many are changing dramatically. I have heard about lots of people moving cross country or to places far different from where they were.
  • Anxiety may be playing part within you as the energies stir up our particulates.
  • And yet, at the same time, our awareness is expanding. What is happening energetically is occurring on infinite levels. You might say that creation is reinventing its dynamics.
  • Many report having no appetite.

Whenever we move through such intense times, it is important to remember to balance, balance, balance. Get grounded however that works for you. Be sure to get out into nature. Get present.

What I am seeing most is that people are too distracted to know how they feel. The distractions will not stop so it is up to us to find ways to maintain our inner balance. Some things are easy to do. Watch less news, back away from the computers, phones, and other technologies that are consuming you. Get back to interpersonal relationships. Spend time with people you love. Call those you haven't. Reconnect. Seriously.

We are in a time when so much is happening so fast, life is speeding by us and we are becoming so desensitized that we don't know how we feel.

I can tell you from the healing sessions I have been doing lately that these energies have been literally shredding parts of our etheric anatomy, causing our systems to leak energy, which then lowers our internal resources. For many of us who are working with etheric healing, a number of veils have lifted, causing us to be able to see farther into our energetic history than ever before. With this new access I am also seeing huge frequency changes in our systems and etheric bodies. They are literally changing color and particulate arrangements. With that comes all of the above. Our systems, having been rebooted in December 2012, are now in a period of intense energetic evolution. As this occurs, the system and its old programming cannot keep up as it used to.

Frequencies in our bodies and energy fields usually have a set programming that allows for them to maintain organization, color, and even the jobs they do. What I am seeing in the systems is that the frequencies are becoming confused when there are energy leakages and dysfunctions. As the frequencies attempt to reharmonize, they are doing so in an adaptive format. What do I mean by that? Our etheric anatomy is rearranging and the various jobs it does are changing.

We began with an evolution of consciousness, our great Awakening, as we have called it. It isn't an awakening, it is a remembering. We are beginning to get glimpses of our more infinite nature. We are becoming able to raise our awareness into the infinite to bring back many of the things we need to know. We are becoming very much like internet embodied. The awesome part of that is that we require no plug ins, no batteries, no wires, just ourselves. We have always had this part of us but we forgot.

Reaching our conscious attention outward and letting it spread out to find the information we need isn't hard once we quiet our minds. Our minds, our brains, create an electrical field, which makes it impossible for us to be aware of our consciousness and all that it is bringing to us. When our minds are busy processing what was or what might be there is no place for now.

The mind is a search engine that needs specifics to get what it needs. Consciousness is the entire internet free of all encumbrances and nonsense and is ever present. It needs no instructions because it IS the instructions. See what I mean? We have been doing things backwards all along.

If we can let go of our resistance, our self defenses, our need to know, our minds and consciousness can work in tandem in a beautiful way. Not just beautiful, exquisite. The most efficient way to get there is to relax, get to know your selves, become aware when you tense, when you stop breathing momentarily. Get back to basics. Our bodies are scientifically proven to react far before our minds catch up. So by the time we figure things out the moment has passed and we may have missed something spectacular that would have taken us into a new direction with excellent outcomes.

When we tense, hold our breath, our body is saying one of two things; something is not true or we are defending ourselves in some way. If there is an untruth, pay attention and choose accordingly. If it is protection, find out what that is right then, in that now. Own it, and then you are no longer vulnerable there. If you aren't sure what it is, ask yourself in that now, "What am I afraid of?". Usually whatever we are protecting is pain from experiences in the past and nothing present. When we gain intimate knowledge of ourselves, we own our world in ways of freedom that we didn't know were possible.


Meg Blackburn Losey, PH.D

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