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Sage deBeixedon Breslin, Ph.D.
Sage Breslin was born clairvoyant. From a very young age it was clear that she experienced the world in a unique way. Her mother notes that even as an infant in the crib, Sage could spend hours laughing and staring into the space beyond her crib. Her parents used to tell others that Sage was "speaking to the angels"- little did they know that she was doing just that!

As she entered the school system, it became evident that other children (and adults) did not appreciate this other-worldliness. Sage learned to constrain herself to exactly what the school and church systems required, though the boundaries of "normal life" seemed to press in on her. At fourteen, she left the High Episcopal Church and began an exhaustive search for a faith that honored all that she experienced and could offer guidance for her self-development. While Buddhism and The Spiritualist Church came close, no single system really incorporated all that she wished to honor and worship.

At seventeen years of age, while working for NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratories, Sage began to experience some unusual phenomena. Although she had been attempting to live life by scientific practice, Sage began to have visions of spectrographs of materials she was testing- before they came out of the machine. Realizing that her gifts and skills would be silenced no more, she renewed her investigation of spiritual practices and paranormal phenomena to normalize her experience.

The college and graduate school years distracted her from her spiritual pursuits as she accumulated technical knowledge and degrees. Four years in the deep South following her licensure as a Psychologist provided her with a wealth of information about religious institutions, and reminded her to keep silent about her hidden talents.

Just after the birth of her first son, Sage realized that she could wait no longer and entered training as an Emotional Intuitive. During the five years of training with ordained Masters Susan Hecht and Barbara Rasor, Sage finally gained control over the data that seemed to stream through her mind. She learned how to increase the accuracy of the data she received and improved her ability to communicate messages in the Silence to others as well. And, as she learned to channel, her ability to communicate with those in the Alternate Space became even more accurate. Sage has worked as both an Emotional and a Medical Intuitive, and now provides Intuitive Consultation, Intuitive Psychotherapy, Regression Therapy, and Personal Transformation in her private practice.

Sage has had five children, all of whom express some intuitive talents. She is hopeful that each will find a way to continue that connection with Source, and use intuition to guide their lives.

Chris Chaplin
Chris Chaplin
Throughout his life, Chris has been a natural energy healer. Using his hands and calming energy to help many people without understanding how he was helping them. Originally from South Africa, Chris has been in the United States for the last 12 years. He made the transition out of corporate America and into the Healing Arts after a transformative experience in the pyramids of Teotihuacan.

Since that time, he has studied the practice of Energy Medicine and, as a Reiki Master Practitioner and teacher, he uses Reiki in his private practice to promote health, balance, relaxation, and healing in his clients. Chris also uses his intuition and claircognizance abilities to help guide him in releasing blockages that hinder one from moving forward in life.





Stephen Williams, LPD, MEd, NCC
Stephen Williams
is currently the Director of Men's Programming at The Integrative Life Center in Nashville, Tennessee. He is dedicated to promoting consciousness, connection, and relationship with a higher self for all. For the last 10 years, Stephen has specialized in the treatment of addictions, grief, trauma, eating disorders and family of origin issues. Stephen is a devoted student of Toltec philosophy, Yoga, and meditation. He is certified in Reiki Medicine and provides both local and distant healing services.

Stephen co-leads transformational journeys for Beyond Insight.