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The Healing Heart Center Foundation (CA NFP#3398974) is a Not-for-Profit organization committed to raising funds for those who desire to change their lives but are unable to generate the finances to do so. The HHC Foundation provides funds for psychotherapeutic services and spiritual education.

The Foundation was started by Sage Breslin, Ph.D. in 2011 in an effort to provide care to those who might not otherwise be available to receive it. As a psychologist, Dr. Breslin had observed the downward spiral of healthcare insurance and government aid for many years. Fewer and fewer people received the care they so needed, especially those who had experienced trauma.

Additionally, Dr. Breslin learned over the last decade that intensive retreats provided opportunity for far more forward movement for survivors than the 45-minute psychotherapy sessions provided in the office. Unfortunately, not everyone can finance intensive psychotherapy or retreat. The Healing Heart Center Foundation fills in the gap so that those in need can receive care in a variety of formats.

As an Ordained Minister, Dr. Breslin has recognized the massive impact of realizing that a person is not alone in his/her struggles. The group model used in retreat format provides immediate support from a community with whom each person can relate. Additionally, investing in or regenerating a relationship with a force greater than oneself can diminish feelings of isolation and helplessness. The combination of these two elements, paired with psychoeducation and therapy, produces enduring transformational change.

Our model is designed to "Pay it Forward"- those who receive funds to engage in psychotherapy or in spiritual retreat, or any of the other services available through The Healing Heart or Beyond Insight, are then accountable for identifying other sources of funds or charitable donations to replace those that they've used. This is not a legal responsibility, but an opportunity to be part of a larger community supporting growth and evolution, for one another.

Contributions may be made by clicking the Paypal "Donate" button on this page. You can use your Paypal account or a credit card. You may also mail a check to:

The Healing Heart Center Foundation
2002 Jimmy Durante Blvd., Suite 131
Del Mar CA 92014
858.481.8810 Voice | 858.481.8816 Fax

Please make your checks to: The Healing Heart Center Foundation

If you use Paypal a receipt will be emailed to you immediately. If you donate by check, a receipt for your tax-deductible contribution will be faxed or mailed to you following receipt of your donation.

Thank you!