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Healthy Body, Healthy Mind    

We have come to learn that all life requires balance and that all systems work in concert.  In order to achieve optimal wellness, you must be clear in your thought and in your spirit. 

Research conducted with monks in Tibet has documented the incredible power of thought on the function of the human body.  Monks were able to induce such deep states of relaxation, and slow breathing and heart rate to such a degree that they were able to avoid hypothermia, even when sitting in temperatures below freezing.  This amazing feat was accomplished simply by entering the meditative state and maintaining belief that the body was warm.

Learning to generate the Relaxation Response is not difficult, and can even be fun.  We can help you to learn this technique, as well as meditation in order to improve your general wellness and physical function.

Chronic Pain

What one of us hasn’t experienced mind-numbing pain that has negatively affected every aspect of our lives at some point or another?  When you experience pain, it is difficult to concentrate on work projects, difficult to sleep, and even challenging to maintain relationships.

Research suggests that an estimated 50 million Americans live with chronic pain caused by disease, disorder or accident. An additional 25 million people suffer acute pain resulting from surgery or accident.  In a study done in 2000 it was reported that 36 million Americans missed work in the previous year due to pain and that 83 million indicated that pain affected their participation in various activities.

In the search for alleviation from pain, millions of people invest in prescription drugs, surgeries, and innovative interventions.  Prescription medications are some of the most addictive drugs on the market, eventually generating an even larger problem than physical pain.  Conservative estimates suggest that in 2003 over 11 million people with chronic pain were experiencing prescription drug abuse or addiction.

There are certainly many traditional paths to the allevation of pain, including surgical and pharmaceutical remedies.  In addition, the Integrative Medical traditions provide relief from pain in a far less intrusive manner.  Chiropractic, massage, and acupuncture are some of the interventions that are highly effective for pain management. 

At Healing Heart Center, we have discovered that through natural healing methods such as aromatherapy, meditation, interactive guided imagery and energy work, pain can be significantly reduced in even a single session. 

Chronic Illness

Approximately, 30% of our population is currently impaired by chronic illness.  Approximately 1.6 million people per year die after suffering from debilitating diseases.  It is possible that there is no more noble effort than to work towards cures for those illnesses, as well as to improve the body’s ability to heal itself through enhanced immune function.

While we cannot offer a cure or guarantee, we do provide several services than can enable your body to better cope with chronic illness.

Through our collaboration with the RW Clinic, we offer acupuncture and herbal medicine for balancing hormones and improving immune function.

At Healing Heart Center, we utilize meditation and Interactive Guided Imagery to reduce pain, identify sources of discomfort and dis-ease, and to mollify symptoms.  In addition, we provide medical intuitive services, psychotherapy, energy work and even aromatherapy to lessen pain, improve immune function and enhance life experience.